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Delivering A Safe Internet Expereince

Beyond protection. We focus on security management and prevention.

Home Office Network Security Network Secure
Secure your entire network means all devices including your cable box, SmartTV, and much more

Desktop Secure
No software to install means less computer issues. Most security programs are the main reason of slow preforming systems.

Mobile Secure
Currently there is no security for your mobile devices. With our full network security service all devices will be protected

How It Works

We provide a dedicated connection to our secure internet allowing you to securely connect to your favorite sites through our clean and safe internet powered by MyDigitalShield.

Real-Time Threat Management
Safe and Clean Internet Surfing
Safe internet shopping
Safe online banking
Credit Card and identity theft protection
Prevents Malware and Viruses
24/7 Intrusion Prevention System
Public WiFi Connection Protection

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Advance Endpoint security for as little as $6.25 a day

Today’s endpoint security may stop virus and malware but Next-Generation Antivirus and Endpoint Protection prevents them.

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Security-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Security-as-a-Service is our comprehensive model for security management. We’ve developed a framework to best protect our clients by provided a best in class hybrid security solution that combines hardware and software. Active monitoring, employee training, and security expertise is available in our security service.


Endpoint protection, Advanced Antivirus, Anti-Spyware

Intrusion Prevention

Detect and prevent vulnerability


Perimeter defense

Denial of Service

Volume-based attacks

Advanced Threat Protection

Protects against Advanced Threats

Malicious Website Protection

Blocks phishing and malware sites


Voice Quality of Service

Botnet (Malware Communication)

Defense system

Basic Reporting

Weekly email updates

Data Loss Prevention

Prevents sensitive data such as credit card numbers from leaving the network

Website Filtering

Block inappropriate or nonproductive websites

Application Control

Block nonproductive or dangerous applications

Blocking of Embargoed Countries

by United States and European Union

Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Monitors for any malicious or suspicious activity and traffic

Guest WiFi

WiFi isolated from the production network for secure guest access

LAN Separation for Dedicated PCI Network

PCI Compliance

Is your network vulnerable?

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