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There are so many team collaboration tools available today. How does one decide which one is the best for their organization? Well, I can tell you that the decision is not simple. Many of us are using cloud base collaboration tools today without realizing that we are using it. For example, these tools include Dropbox or Box, Google Docs, Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Trello just to name a few.

As more teams are becoming remote, it is even more essential to get the right tools together to accomplish set goals or meet business objectives. If your office is set up to work in a team setting, then Microsoft Word is a great tool and you probably already are using it so it’s not foreign to you.

Out of the box, Office 2016 is designed to seamlessly integrate with One Drive and SharePoint or anything Microsoft makes. If you use other cloud services such as Dropbox, Box or Google Drive, this means that every time you use the Open or Save As dialog, you have to browse the computer to access your folders.

What if I told you that you can integrate those other cloud services seamlessly into office 2016, and it will improve your file organization. Would this be something that would interest you? Well, I’m telling you, you can.

After some searching on the web, I discovered a neat little script for adding cloud services. Obviously, Microsoft isn’t going to include competing cloud services or make it intuitive to integrate to Office. The rest of this article is a step by step on how to add such services as Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud services to appear and function as a native app on Office 2013 and 2016.

Start Here

First you need to download a small, very simple but powerful script. Your browser will complain and alarm you that it is a potential dangerous fill. Trust me everything will be okay. Once the file downloads browse to its location and open it. When prompted, input your Dropbox’s local path. The script will then do its magic.

Next few steps will actually add Dropbox to your Office installation. If a word document is open just go to File > Open> you should get a that looks like the one below. Click on your Initials and look under the Connected Services > Add a Service > Storage. Choose the service you want to add. In my example I am adding Dropbox. Once I select Dropbox from my options that’s it. Now every time I use Word, I will see Dropbox listed in the Open and Save as screens.

Screenshot Office Word 2013
Screenshot Office 2013 Word

I identified at least one drawback. In multi-user workstation environments, where each user logs-in to their own version of Office you will have to run the batch file independently for each user. Fortunately this takes all but a few minutes. You’re not limited to Dropbox. There is also a script available for Google Drive. Microsoft provides complete instructions on integrating any cloud services into Office 2013. The script works with Office 2016.

Download Dropbox Script

Click to download the the Dropbox batch file.

Download Google Drive Script

Click to download the the Google Drive batch file.

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