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If you have a website and it’s not working for you, meaning it is not generating leads or helping you close sales, then why have a website. A long time ago, 1996 to be exact, a very wise website pioneer told me a website has two purposes. The first is to provide information and second is to facilitate a way for those interested in what you offer to contact you. Everything else you do on your website is for the search engines. Because if you can’t get found then no one will get the information or know how to contact you or buy fom you.

Getting your website found on the internet requires investment of time or /and money. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a general term that packages many small and large processes into one term. SEO is a complicated topic and will be very difficult to cover in its entirely in this article. So, I will focus on PageSpeed. As this is a very important subject for search engines and visitors to your site alike.

When it comes to SEO, PageSpeed can be a key factor in how Google ranks you in the search results. But, with local SEO, PageSpeed really only comes into play, depending on your competition. If you have a slow loading website, that’s going to hurt you regardless. But, if it feels pretty quick to you, the only disadvantage is if your competitors, or even other businesses in a similar industry, are serving their site up significantly faster. Basically, Google’s going to check the speed in which your site loads.

There’s a lot that goes into PageSpeed. Most of it is fairly technical. But, I do want to show you a tool that you can use, which not only are going to share some problems that your site has, but they’re going to link you to resources where you can dig deeper into how to resolve those on your own. The first page is provided by Google. It’s called, Google PageSpeed Insights.

PageSpeed Tools

The PageSpeed tools analyze and optimize your site following web best practices.

PageSpeed Tool

This tool is used for analyzing your site online. It will check to see how well your site performs for mobile devices as well as desktop or laptop computers. Your personal home or office internet speed does not influence this test. This is all Google running complex algorithms in the backend to provide you with the results and possible resolution.

When the test is complete the tool will provide you with a grade and easy to understand color indication of what your score means. What I like is that Google does not leave you hanging. The tool provides remediation steps and points you in the right direction. You may need to hire a person or company with SEO experience to help resolve some of the issues, especially those related to mobile results.

In closing SEO is complicated and there are so many things that can affect your page from being discovered. It is up to the business owner to decide how important the website is to their business objectives. Either way if being discovered or ranked for certain keywords is important then you must invest, build and tweak the site as needed to reach your end result.

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