Convert Your Instagram Account to an Instagram for Business Account

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Instagram for Business, finally!

Learn how to convert your personal Instagram account into a powerful Instagram for Business account.

Facebook recently acquired Instagram and now every thing is better, on Instagram that is. If Instagram is not part of your online marketing strategy maybe it’s time you take another look.

To take advantage of the new business centric features on Instagram you must first convert your account into a business account. When converting you will be asked to login to your Facebook account. Once authenticated you will be presented with all your pages. At this point all you have to do is select your business page. Instagram will take care of the rest. The short video will walk you step by step to converting your account into a business account

This new functionality is great. For a long time, Instagram has been the stepchild of social media marketing. Now it may be just as important as Facebook. Personally we have been using Instagram as a serious marketing platform for some time now. Hash tags were first used and very popular on Instagram. It made cataloging your images simple. Hash tag campaigns helped boost your images to many viewers. Our social media strategy includes hash tag campaigns on Instagram. We found that hash tagging provided us much more interaction with those that are interested in what we do. Staying consistent with hash tags is key. I could write a whole new article on that alone. For now, enjoy Instagram for business I’d like to hear how you are using it.

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