How to download multiple files from onedrive in office 365

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Step-by-step guide on how to download multiple files from onedrive

I wanted to move multiple files form my OneDrive for Business in office 365 to one of my Sharepoint libraries. After endless Internet search and countless hours reading user forums the answer was clear. There is no way to accomplish this using office 365. Microsoft drop the ball on OneDrive for business. Try this; login to your OneDrive for business account. Know, try and download multiple files to your desktop. Yep, you can’t do it. OneDrive for business only allows for a single file do be downloaded. This really sucks. Yes I said it, “sucks”.

I contacted my trusty Microsoft OneDrive for Business support person to ask, “hey, how am I supposed to download or transfer content from my OneDrive to my desktop or Sharepoint.” The answer was surprising, and the work around instructions were intimidating. After about an hour in a half on the phone with support I was able to successfully create a local mapped drive of my OneDrive for Business. A mapped drive works differently than the local synced drive. With the mapped drive the data never touches my hard drive unless I download it to my desktop. Watch this video to learn How to download multiple files from onedrive in office 365. I apologize if I’m a bit wordy. Enjoy.

In closing there are a lot of steps to follow along . At some point Microsoft and the Office 365 Team should have a better solution for download multiple files from onedrive. Meanwhile, I’ll be happy to provide the step by step guide in PDF format for those that could not follow the video. This is only a work around and we are hoping Microsoft will address this issue promptly. For you Apple users, sorry this only works on Windows. Apple folks are stuck, for right now.

Tell me what you thought of this video. If you found this video useful I would love to hear from you. If you didn’t find it useful, I would also love to hear from you. Either way it will help me create content you’d want to watch.

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