How To Avoid Burnout- Office Manager’s Guide to High Tech Outsourcing

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Office Managers Guide to High Tech Outsourceing

5 task office manager’s need to outsource to thrive in a high-tech office

It is an understatement to say that an office manager are extremely busy person. Reading job description for an office manager or administrative manager reads like an ingredient list for chocolate cake. An administrative manager is responsible for anything and everything that can affect the quality of life in the office. Their administrative duties is to make sure that office equipments is maintained, relevant records are up to date and protected, and that all administration process work effectively.

Office manager’s differ greatly by organization and industry, but the one commonality they all have is the responsibility for ensuring that their office runs efficiently. Similar to many assiduous professionals, office managers are susceptible to higher levels of stress and burnout.

Spotting burnout is not difficult. We all know what it looks like. The stressed-out administrative manager who proclaims they’ve “had it” and books the next flight to Jamaica.

Below are 5 logical technologies that office manager’s need to outsource to reduce stress.


Given the scarcity in the IT market, combined with the daunting task of staffing a diversely skilled team, a prudent question is which IT function can be effectively outsourced for the short-, medium-, or long-term. Here is a list of the office IT functions that the administrative manager needs to outsource to avoid work place burnout.

Data Backup
Backup and disaster recovery is a key component of every company operational infrastructure. Outsourcing Backup and Recovery to a responsible, professional and experience company transfers the risk from the administrative manager and the business to the backup management company. Additionally it ensure that the company’s data is protected and guaranteed available in the event of a disaster.

No organization, regardless of size or industry, can afford to ignore cyber-security. Cyber criminals are well aware of the fact that defenses of small business are much more vulnerable than that of enterprise companies. The good news is you don’t have to fend off cybercriminals on your own. Outsourcing cyber-security is a very viable solution. Transferring the risk from the administrative manager and business to an experienced and creditable company.

Email Security
91% of hacks or data breach start with a targeted email attack. Since email is a primary communication channel for small businesses it will continue to be one of the most frequently exploited threat vectors. There are many benefits to outsourcing email security. These include cost savings overall, increased reliability and higher availability. Office managers who manage their own emails assumes the full risk, even if they are using free email services such as Google, Yahoo and other. In healthcare this could mean heavy fines if the email account is breached. Out sourcing email security transfer the risk to the security company.

HIPAA Compliance
Outsourcing HIPAA compliance provides cost-effective access to badly needed software solutions and HiTech expertise. HIPAA compliance is an opportunity to review and improve overall business processes and is a good way of gaining a competitive advantage. Out sourcing HIPAA compliance task lifts a big burden on the office manager and staff.

Server Maintenance and Administration
When you where hired on as the office manager I bet you did not expect that you would need to manage servers. The server is the core of your business operation. It is where the most important software to your company lives. If the server where to fail it would bring your company to a screeching halt. To save money, reduce risk and lift the burden of having to manage the server you should be outsourcing the maintenance and management of your servers.

Stress is necessary. It’s a great motivator to force you into action, but it must be properly managed to be beneficial. Outsource technological task will reduce stress and it’s easy to do. We already outsource many things. For example dry cleaning, house cleaning, car wash and maintenance like changing the oil. The benefit of out sourcing is it provides you with time, and time is the only commodity you cannot get more of. When life gets stressful consider the things you have to do and weather you may be better off outsourcing them.

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