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If you’re like me, you went out and bought yourself the Mac Book pro with retina display, i7 processor, 16 GB of RAM with the SSD hard drive capable of storing 750 GB of your important stuff. Know, you’re at a point where you need more storage and having a slow computer is unacceptable. 750GB is not cutting it for you anymore, what can you do?

Well you have two options to adding more storage. Option number one, buy a bigger hard drive, install it yourself or have a pro install. Install software and load all your programs and hope it all comes together nicely. You may be out of pocket a few hundred dollars and not to mention downtime. Option number two, buy a TarDisk.

What is a TarDisk? In appearance and first glance TarDisk appears to look like an flash SD card. Flash SD card functions as additional removable storage giving you extra storage space on a separate drive. TarDisk is not that. Well, it is the same size as a Flash SD card but for good reason. The side of the MacBook Pro, the right side to be exact, there is a SD slot. TarDisk SD card fits right in that slot. The magic of this card is that boost the laptop’s storage as a merge drive with the MacBook’s SSD, creating a single hybrid drive.

TarDisk Pear SD Flash Storage
Made with a brushed aluminum frame so that it fuses into the rest of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air when inserted, the TarDisk Pear includes a built-in automatic installer that basically turns the flash card and your laptop’s native SSD into a single Fusion Drive, using Apple’s own vocabulary for the clever hardware trick.

There are a few important warnings to note, though. When using an SD card as an spare storage drive for your MacBook that’s just full of casual files, you’re free to remove it whenever you want. But when that SD card is permanently tied to your MacBook’s SSD, and might hold crucial system files, you’re not going to want to pop it out. Once installed, you should probably consider your MacBook’s SD card slot off limits, and get yourself an external USB card reader as a substitute.

Currently the TarDisk Pear can be purchased from the TarDisk website. There are two sizes available 128GB and 256GB. The 256GB will cost you $399.00 and the 128GB will run you $149.00. They support the MacBook Pro and Air built in 2012 and later.

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